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  • In my 17 years in commercial and residential development, including 10 years working for national production home builders such as Beazer Homes and Centex Homes, I am sure that there is only one way to effectively save money on pine straw and mulch while making it last longer and look better. That is with the topical application of colorant/preservative! GroundCover Solutions and the COLORBACK product have saved me, in my various entities, hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the whole time the ground cover looks great! Talk about a win-win.
    Adam CorderPrincipal, CEO of Corder Sustainable Development
  • We have used Groundcover Solutions for the past seven years, and since then, GCS has continued to work with the entire city of Big Canoe, GA. We have been able to eliminate one full pine straw application each year, and the colorant has made quite a visual difference regarding the appearance of the golf course. We highly recommend GCS for its superior products and services.
    Jason BrownellGeneral Manager of Big Canoe
  • Les Clark and GCS have been valuable partners for our company for the last four years. They have done an amazing job exceeding one of our best clients and our expectations. I would proudly recommend GCS to anyone who needs excellent work matched with excellent customer service.
    Todd A. BrownCLP General Manager of The Fockele Garden Company
  • As a resident, board member, and liaison to the landscape committee, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to GCS for a job well done….Overall this community will experience a cost reduction in the amount we have allowed for pine straw…However, the main benefit is we are getting a better product than in the past and the coloring added to the pine straw has truly made our community stand out and look better. > Full Testimonial
    Bob GoldsteinVice President of Vickery Lake HOA