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What You May Not Know about Pine Straw

By using the superior GCS Pine Straw Brown colorant, less pine straw is needed year to year because pine straw is preserved when coated by the GCS process. On subsequent applications, the number of bales of pine straw is reduced because it can simply be “sprayed” again. Naturally occurring weather and traffic on the pine straw are factors that will case the need for some pine straw replacement; however, in protected areas, bale counts can greatly be reduced. This saves pine straw product as well as money. In many cases, pine straw that has been applied as groundcover, but not yet decomposed, can be sprayed with our process “as-is” completely eliminating the expense of putting down any new pinestraw.

What You May Not Know About Mulch

It takes 1, 8ft tree to make 1 yd of mulch. There are approximately 4,200,000 homes and businesses in Georgia. If every home or business used 10 yds of mulch, that would consume 42 million trees! Distribution would require fuel for 420,000 tractor loads, not including the fuel. Used to pull, load, and grind the trees.

GCS has a very Simple, Sustainable Solution: COLORBACK ™