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GCS exclusively uses Colorback ™

Recognizing the value of the industry leader, GCS has formed a partnership with Colorbiotics ™, which is nation’s premier manufacturer of preservatives and colorants. This high quality colorant delivers UV resistance for long-term color protection.

Economy Colorants vs Colorbiotics Colorants

The COLORBACK ™ product is produced in Ames, Iowa at the Colorbiotics ™ manufacturing plant. What sets this product apart from the other colorant manufacturers in the United States is the higher performance design. Colorbiotics’ ™ formula and ingredients form a denser colorant which produces a longer lasting end product that keeps its color. To speak further on the quality of the COLORBACK ™ product, its manufacturer, Colorbiotics ™, is the only ISO 9001-certified mulch colorant manufacturer.

Here is a depiction of the average difference between Colorbiotics ™ colorants and the competitors’ colorants: